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The Tareq Rajab Museum is considered to be the leading museum specialising in Silver Folk jewellery, it houses around 12,000 pieces in which only 2,000 are on display. The Museum also has a very fine and rare collection of gold jewellery. In the Gold Room the displays go as far back as the pre Islamic period and are mainly from the Middle East although there is a section on non Islamic, Roman and Byzantine that shows the links with the Islamic Ornaments.

An example of a very important piece in the Gold Room is a large gold necklace with Qur’anic inscriptions. The family, to whom it originally belonged to, maintained that it was a presented to their ancestors by the Sultan of Zanzibar and Oman for services rendered. A photograph hanging next to the piece in the Museum shows Princess Salme wearing what appears to be an identical necklace to the one in the Museum.

  Another very fine piece is a Fatmid Pendent form Egypt, dating around the 10th / 11th Century. The necklace itself was possibly served as a container for a small Quran or a text of prophylactic character.   


A striking gold neckpiece which is set in with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls makes a wonderful example of Mughal jewellery from the 18th century. On the reverse side, the neckpiece has fine enamel work which is just as beautiful as the front. 


As well as neckpieces the gold room has rare pieces of earrings, rings and bracelets.



This particular Fatmid gold bracelet dated around the 11th Century from Syria or possibly Egypt, shows the unique work of the crafts man of that time.

The Museum jewellery section has mainly concentrated on Silver folk pieces from around the Arab / Islamic world, and is a major resource centre for information relating to all types of people and their jewellery, whether it is the tribes, or the rich upper class of society. The pieces on show  bears witness to the taste of cultures and technical skills of that certain period and it shows a wealth of craftsmanship that unfortunately in most of the Arab world has now diminished                        



This fine wedding necklace of gold washed silver and coral dated 1890/ 1900 AD originated from Yemen. 




A striking section of jewellery on display is the huge pieces of silver enamel work consisting of neckpieces bracelets, rings and head attire.


These pieces all belonged to the Amir of Bohara in central Asia and were made around 1880s to 1900. One of the pieces measures 140cm in length and 45cm in width.



Click to View A Selection of Regional Jewellery

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