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    Kutahya wares

    CER1730TSRKutahya wares in the Museum are represented only by seven items, namely six vessels and one tile. Previously it was considered that the emergence of Kutahya as a pottery centre, was connected with the decline of Iznik. This theory has now been proved to be not correct. CER0738TSR

    Kutahya produced the blue and white earthenware vessels which previously were known as Miletus wares. Furthermore, the so-called "Abraham of Kutahya" group which was attributed to Iznik, turned out to be Kutahya products.   Among them is a hanging ornament in the shape of an egg with an Arabic inscription, reading: "Oh, my Dear (God), look on me with pity" (CER1730TSR).



    CER0740TSRThere are also two rose-water flasks, or sprinklers. One of them has silver mount (CER0738TSR), the second sprinkler's neck is broken (CER0740TSR).



    There is also a pilgrim-flask, made-up of two halves (CER0752TSR). The last example is a small square tile showing an angel's head. All these Kutahya objects date from the 18th century.

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