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Jane Digby El Mesrab(Palmera) By Carl Haag 1859The Word Orientalism derives from the Latin “Oriens” which means east. The Orientalist painters were a group of nineteenth century artists from Britain, France, Italy Germany and Spain who were fascinated by the Middle East and travelled there to paint local, archaeological and biblical scenes. They provided a marvellous record of a wide range of interesting subjects, including buildings with their splendid lattice (Meshrabia) windows. The desert with its fierce harsh terrain of Bedouin was another source of fascination for the west as well as the beautiful costumes of rich colours which enhanced the paintings and provided endless resource for the painter of that time.Shiekh Medjuel El Mezrab (palmera) Carl Haag 1859

The Tareq Rajab Museum has a large collection of Orientalist paintings, the most popular being the painting of Lady Jane Digby and the portrait of Sheikh Medjuel el Mesrab by the famous German Painter Carl Haag.

Carl Haag, (1820 – 1915) born in Germany and studied art in Nuremburg. In 1847 he moved and went to live in England where he continued in his studies, that being the English techniques of water colour painting. Haag was elected to full Royal Academician in 1853.

Simoom David RobertsAnother popular Orientalist was David Roberts (1796 – 1864) born in Stockbridge on the edge of Edinburgh Scotland. David Robert came from a very humble family who barely had money to be able to send Roberts to School. David Roberts was mostly self taught who from an early age drew wonderful architectural features.El Khasne David Roberts His main ambition was to travel to the east and from sales of his works was able to do so in 1838.


Two Hundred and fifty lithographs were produced from his travels that took him to Egypt, Nubia and the Holy Land. The Museum holds the full six volumes of subscription edition of the Lithographs. A book on the Subject is also for sale in the book section.Baalbec David Roberts


David Roberts  lithograph titled “The Doorway” which is the entrance of the Temple of Bacchus in Baalbec was produced in oils and earned Roberts the full Royal Academician in 1841





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